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Profold's accumulator family can operate in a stand-alone or inline mode, with or without intelligent features. The friction sheet feeder feeds pre-collated sheets into the accumulating/gathering section and then advances the document set to the fold section. The microcomputer control package includes batch counting, double sheet detection, and bar code or optical mark reading capability.

The two-plate, heavy-duty folding section is equipped with Profold's patented grooved "Prothane" fold rollers that are formulated to our specifications. The rollers have no affinity for laser ink or copier toner, providing longer roller life with less maintenance and cleaning. The grooves in the prothane material allow air between the roller and the paper to escape producing a crisp, tightly folded set. The PF 3000 has Profold's NO-SET/GAP-SET feature that eliminates the need for fold roller adjustments for varying paper thickness thereby reducing set-up time.

The PF 3000 generates up to 7200 three page sets per hour. It is capable of accumulating p to six tri-folded pages and up to ten half-folded pages. Once folded, the set is delivered to the track or to the gripper arm of conventional non-intelligent inserters. In the stand-alone configuration the folded set is delivered to a stacking conveyor or other conveying device.


Features/Benefits Capable of accepting sheets of stock from 5" x 6" to 8-1/2" x 14" Batch counting, OMR and double sheet detection maintain document integrity Low maintenance requirements and high productivity Two heavy duty fold plates


The PF 3000 is ideal for companies that process billing documents or financial statements consisting of varying page sets to different addressees. These would include medical offices, HMO's, hospitals, law firms, utilities, cable and phone companies, savings and loans, banks, insurance companies, billing consolidators and mailers that handle these types of applications.


Bar code/OMR Reading Spare Parts Kit Selective Inserting Applications Stacking Conveyor: Six, Twelve or Eighteen Foot

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