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Product Description

The EasyMailer

The EasyMailer Automatic mailing machine is a low to mid volume automatic mailing system that process letters and flats at speeds of up to 140LPM all with a 10 inch color operating screen and small footprint. Options for the EasyMailer are a 25lb or a 70lb scale, unlimited accounting and job reporting, operator reporting, presort reporting, full International mail manual with custom forms printing, e-certified forms printing with 3877 firm mailer book. With the Commercial rate option

The EasyMailer has an option that will allow your mail to qualify for the commercial rate discount program saving you $.95 cents per piece on priority mail with free electronic delivery conformation, savings of up to $2.05 per piece of international mail and e-Certified with a savings of up to $1.20 per piece on certified mail. Calculating the number of pieces of these types of mail you process per month may allow you to cost justify the entire monthly lease cost

The EasyMailer has ink costs that are up to 75% less than the competitorís solutions. The EasyMailer sets postage through a high speed internet connection (Competitors mailing machines use old dial up technology)

With a small footprint all steel construction and built in PC, the Data-Pac EasyMailer is truly Americas Better Choice

All Data-Pac products are designed and assembled in the United States, Buy American Buy Data-Pac

The EasyMailer qualifies for various USPS discounts turning your mailcenter into a profit center

Mailing Machine with America2 Postage Meter and Meter or Permit printing Commercial Rate option allows for Discounts of up to 11%

MACHINE BASE PRICE STARTING AT $5,995.00 Call For Option & Quote

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