FORMAX 6302 Series Inserters

FORMAX   6302 Series Inserters
FORMAX 6302 Series Inserters
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Product Description

6302 Series Inserters

The 6302 Series Inserters offer two models for your specific job needs. The FD 6302-Standard 3 comes with three standard automatically adjusting feed stations. The FD 6302-Special 3 has two standard feeders and one special feeder that can be manually adjusted for glossy and thicker paper stock. The 6302 Series is ideal for processing documents in a timely and hassle-free manner and offers a low-noise level and small footprint for the office environment.

The versatility of this unit allows for processing forms of various lengths and thicknesses all at the same time. A user-friendly full-color touchscreen control panel makes operation quick and easy, combined with the exclusive AutoSet feature which automatically sets the paper length, paper thickness, fold type, envelope size and double document detection.

Featured Highlights

Speed: Up to 3,500 pieces/hr

Duty Cycle: Up to 40,000 pieces/month

Holds up to 325 sheets in each feeder

Three Feeders

Full-color touchscreen control panel

Recommended Options

Keep processed forms in a neat sequential order with a Conveyor or Side Exit Tray

High-capacity production feeder holds up to 325 BREs or 1,200 sheets

OMR for collating and inserting multiple page documents Locking cabinet with casters for convenient storing of forms

Neatly square and align forms and envelopes with a 402 Series Jogger

Safely transport forms from the printer to the Inserter with a Big Bin Paper Stacking Cart

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