GBR Multimaster CAS 52 Mail Folder

GBR Multimaster CAS 52 Mail Folder
GBR Multimaster CAS 52 Mail Folder
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Product Description

Faster Makereadies, Labor Savings, Less Waste

The CAS 52 Mail folder designed for high volume mail production from simple leaflets to creative mailings with options for accumulating, gate folding, code reading, fold gluing, tabbing, perforation, slitting, and scoring.


Automatic settings for: fold plates

60 fold job programmable memory

Seven standard folds preprogrammed

Combines with GBR's Tecnau cutter and merger for continuous forms processing

Set-up times reduced by more than 50%

Quick job changeover

Less waste

Specifications Speed: 200 m/min. (656.2 ft./min.) or 30,000 documents per hour

Paper Sizes: SRT 52:

Max. (16 1/2"W x 16 1/2"L); Min. (4"W x 7 1/6"L)

SRT 38:

Max. (14 15/16"W x 16 1/2"L); Min. (4"W x 4"L)

Paper Weight: 16 lbs. bond to 90 lb. cover

Dimensions: 7'L x 2'9"W x 4'8"H Electrical: 208V, three phase, 20 Amp. Weight: 1,000 (Parallel); 1,500 (Crossfold)

Standard Equipment: Frequency-controlled drives, automatic fold plates with motor-driven stop setting, fold program memory, electronic paper travel control, paper thickness sensor, double sheet detection, sheet gap control, feeder control, batch counting, total counting, display of the actual throughput, timed delivery

Optional Equipment: Polyurethane/steel folder rollers, perbunan fold rollers, gate fold plate, turnover fold plate, slitting tools, perforating tools, scoring tools, pressing station, wrapping unit, labeling unit

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