MCS 925 Flexibility and Value

MCS Model 925 Vacuum Transports Base
MCS Model 925 Vacuum Transports Base
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Product Description

MCS Model 925 Vacuum Transport base

Flexibility and Value

MCS Transports offer the best value and flexibility in the industry. Redesigned in 2008 with distributed vacuum control, they now offer even more value.

Our flagship Transport, the MCS 925, allows tremendous flexibility for high-speed inkjet printing applications

An 82 transport length comfortably accommodates 8 inches of MCS inkjet

The segmented dryer section includes a heat reflective top and heat resistant belts.

The vacuum system provides independent fan modules along the entire base.

This enables excellent piece hold-down when high speeds and powerful dryers are required.

Vacuum stays effective even when there are only a few pieces on the transport.

The 925 can be provided with a removable feeder section so that a friction feeder can be easily added or removed, depending on integration with other equipment such as inserters or folders.

Transport clearance width 20

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