Brand New Research Model 5060 Speed-Dri® Ink Drying Systems

 New  Research Model 5060  Speed-Dri® Ink Drying Systems
New Research Model 5060 Speed-Dri® Ink Drying Systems
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Product Description

Product Description

The Model 5060 Speed-Dri Ink Drying System provides instantaneous infrared and convection technologies to dry ink printed on target areas up to four inches wide. Dependent on application specifics, web speeds of up to 350 feet/min can be achieved using the Model 5060 Speed-Dri. The Model 5060 Speed-Dri makes it simple to add extra capability enabling increased line speeds. Designed for easy installation, low operation cost, and minimal maintenance, the system is an economical solution for improving throughput resulting in increased profitability.


• Features and Benefits: • 4-inch drying width (two can be place side-by-side for 8 inches) • 10-inch drying length • Typical line speeds up to 350 feet per minute • Combination medium-wave quartz lamps and convection drying evaporates water and solvents, breaks down the boundary layer, and removes the evaporated substance • Mounting hardware attaches easily to most transports • Adjustable heat or automatic heat output adjusts the system power level to match line speed (via optional tachometer) • Transport interlock automatically cuts power to the system when the transport stops • CE, UL, and CUL agency approvals • Radiant & Convection Drying: • Array of fast responding, medium-wave quartz lamps provide infrared heat directly to the printed ink resulting in immediate evaporation of the ink solvent. An integrated fan blows air past the lighted lamps resulting in heated air impingement on the target product surface. Extremely fast drying rates result from the use of both heat transfer modes. • Agency Approvals: • The Model 5060 Speed-Dri system meets all CE, UL, and CUL requirements. • Compact, Modular Design: • Overall dimensions: 15-inches (381 mm) long, 11.6-inches (294 mm) high, 4.2-inches (107 mm) wide. Individual units can be mounted end-to-end to increase effective dryer length to 30-inches long (762 mm). Two units can be mounted side-by-side to increase effective drying width to 8-inches (203 mm). • Tachometer Input: • Automatic heat adjustment is available using the Tachometer Input circuitry. Optional Tachometer Kit is ordered separately.


Maximum Drying Width 4 inches (102 mm) Overall Length 15 inches (381 mm) Heated Length 10 inches (254mm) Lamps (4 Total) 1000W-Rapido-10LL-140AL Lamp Rated Voltage 240 volts Applied Lamp Voltage 240 volts Amps at Applied Voltage 18.0 amps Power at Applied Voltage 4.0 kW Blower Air Volume 75 CFM (2.1m³/min) Interlock Relays 120 VAC, 24 VAC, 24 VDC (customer-specified) Mounting Hardware Extruded Aluminum On/Off switch Manual Heat Adjustment via Potentiometer Operation Controls Automatic Heat Adjustment via Tachometer Input Circuitry and External Tachometer Kit (Tachometer Kit Option – ordered separately from Drying System) Heater module turns off automatically when raised from its horizontal position Operation Interrupts When the interlock connections are made, the heater module will not function unless the transport is running Agency Approvals CE, UL, CUL 240V/30 amp service Personnel to position the system in place Site Requirements An electrician to install a 240VAC/30 amp IEC power cord, and connect the wiring between the power control and the transport.

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