Pitney Bowes Friction Feed Ink Jet Feeder SE1200IJ
Pitney Bowes Friction Feed Ink Jet Feeder SE1200IJ
Item# SE1200IJ
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Product Description

FEATURES The Ink Jet Feeder features a Belt System that is specially formulated to reduce glazing. The SE Models come standard with the Patented Dynamic Roatation Technology, the ECO Model features the Patented "Football" Separator. The IJ Feeder Series comes standard with heavy duty 1/4" thick powder coated side frames, small product guides and variable speed control.

WHY DO I NEED ELEVATOR BELTS? Elevator Belts are essential for feeding heavy, coated and oversized products with ease. Eliminate slip feeding with a single adjustment.

Elevator Belts increase the amount of product you can load in the hopper.

ADVANTAGES TO INVESTING IN A INK JET FEEDER Quick return on investment Reduce setup time User friendly Consistent feeding Integrates easily into the Production Cell


SE 1200 IJ

Maximum Product Size - 12.25"W x 14"L Maximum Product Size MM: 311.25mm W x 355.6mm L Minimum Product Size - 3"W x 2"L Minimum Product Size MM: 76.2mm W x 50.8mm L Maximum Product Thickness - .75" Maximum Product Thickness MM: 19.05mm Minimum Product Thickness - .004" Minimum Product Thickness MM: 0.1016mm Separator - Dynamic Rotation Technology Feeder Capacity - 20" Vertical Foot Print - H - 20.25" W - 13" L - 15.5" Footprint MM: H - 514.35mm W - 330.2mm L - 393.7mm Speed - 20 to 525 ft/min Start/Stop - 24DC/24AC/Dry Contact Electrical - 120 VAC

APPLICATIONS Ink Jetting, tabbing, labeling, scanning, coding, continuous feeding and many more.


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