Vacuum Transport System/Inkjet base

Vacuum Transport System/Inkjet Base
Vacuum Transport System/Inkjet Base
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Product Description

FeedMAX Feeder The FeedMAX Feeder is a high capacity feeder that can be loaded with 2,500 envelopes, which is five to six times more than standard shuttle feeders saving you time that an operator is needed to load material. 43 or 96 Vacuum Base The Vacuum Base contains the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and AC Drives helping synchronize feeder functions and controlling speed and gaps between mail pieces. Speed-Sort Conveyor The Speed-Sort Conveyor is designed to give machine operators a visible separation of where a mail bundle starts and ends. VTS Advantages > Keep your printer, replace the transport system > Increase productivity and reduce operator intervention > Operates seamlessly > Provides quick return on investment (ROI) > Offset sorting and batch capability available (with purchase of speed sort conveyor)

A MCS ARRAY inkjet system or a ASMARC CKX inkjet system can be mounted on this system

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